Saad Haider

Game & Creative Developer

About Me

Finding creative solutions to problems is something I have always enjoyed. As a child, I loved tinkering with broken things, figuring out how they worked, and fixing them. After college, I knew exactly what I wanted my career to be, so I pursued a degree in computer science and chose game development as my career path. I am passionate about game development and 3D web development and aspire to be a creative developer.

In addition to my work, I love travelling, enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. I also love doing gym, watching E-sports and F1 races. On the weekends, I play table tennis and video games with my friends.

My Work

Giant Rush

Giant Rush is an action packed hyper casual fight game with giants, monsters. deadly arena and monster duels. Jump on board, run through the obstacle track, merge blobs, grow stronger and battle against giant monsters in fight games offline!

RGNT Motorcycles Configurator

Electric motorcyle 3D configurator for a sweden based company.


A classic basketball pop-a-shot game with playable basketball NFT's developed using PlayCanvas.


Immersive, virtual 3D environment for collectors, artists and admirers to experience their NFT collections.

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